About itsKarma

What is itsKarma.com? It's the hope that someone in your state wants that circa 1975 refrigerator in your garage that still works. It's the link that will help you unload those old National Geographics that you saved for some inexplicable reason. It's the easy way to find out (with our quick list feature) whether or not anyone is even interested in your Roller Derby roller skates before you go through the aggravation of writing a detailed description and taking photos. Quite simply, itsKarma is your own little yard sale that you can permanently erect on the hard drive of your computer.

ItsKarma is returning the power back to the users. Presently, under the auction machine format, users have to adhere to a strict set of rules and procedures if they are to have a reasonable chance of having a successful sale. Users must choose a limited number of days to present their item. They must relinquish control of the ultimate decision to buy or sell, to a machine. To properly prepare an item for sale on an auction web site, users must give a highly detailed description and attach digital photos. In other words, the user has to put in a lot of work with no guarantee that the sale will be successful. By downloading itsKarma, you will link with an ever-expanding community of users who can choose the level of detail they give about a listed item, permanently post items for sale and negotiate transactions without the pressures from an online auction machine. You have complete control of the sales process. ItsKarma is taking Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology to the next level by creating a new method of buying and selling items over the Internet. Soon you will be able to download our application and become part of the itsKarma network.

ItsKarma is going further than ever before…

Post your "Wants" on the network. If you are looking for the Beatles White album in good condition, a used refrigerator in the Boston area for under $100, or a waitress position with mother's hours in Chicago, then post your "wants" on the network; they stay until your "wants" have been satisfied. There are no listing fees at itsKarma; you pay only on successful transactions.

ItsKarma is more than just file sharing…

As a member of the itsKarma network you will help to build communities, places where you can go and chat with others who share similar interests. Using itsKarma as a springboard, you can trade within any specific group, club or organization that is set up in our network. For example, if you are a college student at the University of Anywhere, and the U of A had been previously set up as a special subgroup on itsKarma. By searching only within your "subgroup" at the U of A, you can search for furniture, textbooks, CD's etc., confining your search to an area convenient to you and your special interest. If you are a collector of left-handed monkey wrenches and would like to create a community of collectors of left-handed monkey wrenches, then you would set it up and let other like-minded collectors know about it. That way, you could run a search within the community of left-handed monkey wrench collectors and view the wrenches that are available for sale within the group.

Dollars or Deeds and Good Karma…

Make no mistake, we need money to make all of this work. We are asking both parties in every successful transaction to pay us in dollars or deeds. If you choose to pay us in dollars, we have a recommended tip schedule. If you choose to pay us in deed(s), we ask that you follow these rules: You have elected to pay us for your successful transaction by doing a good deed. The good deed shall be something that you would not normally do. It should have a positive impact on an individual, society, or the planet earth. All we ask is that you let us know what you did. Either way, it's good karma!

The Management Team

Currently the management team is made up of the two founders, John and Patrick Meehan, and a Board of Directors. Additionally, ItsKarma is in negotiations with individuals for several key management positions including Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technology Officer and Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. These positions will be filled immediately after itsKarma secures its next round of financing. The management team has experience in building and operating companies that require customer acquisition, retention and in selling products and services at a profit. Additionally the itsKarma team has demonstrated success in establishing, buying and selling companies. The founders have raised the initial seed funding adequate to develop and launch a working model of the itsKarma network.

John Meehan, Chief Executive Officer, age 41, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Merrimack College, North Andover, Massachusetts. President and general manager of Classic Mixes Inc., an Exeter, New Hampshire manufacturer of dry food products, from 1991 through December of 1999 when the company was sold to Tree Ripe Foods of East Hanover, New Jersey. Former owner of Aquala Inc., a small manufacturer of dry suits used in the diving industry recently sold to an individual in Shreveport, Louisiana, and co-founder of the Flatbread Company, an Amesbury, Massachusetts based wood-fired pizza restaurant with a second location in Portland, Maine. John also holds a patent for a medical device that allows convalescing broken bone patients, to swim with a cast.

Patrick Meehan, President, age 44, Associates Degree in Business Administration, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts. National Sales Manager for Classic Mixes Inc., of Exeter, New Hampshire from 1991 through 1999. Patrick had financial responsibility for over 500 accounts, many of these companies were national in scale.


Ken Linseman, age 41, attended Queensland University in Kingston, Ontario, departing to play in the National Hockey League for 16 years. With the Edmonton Oilers in 1984, Ken scored the overtime goal that won the Stanley Cup. At present he is a developer and broker of commercial real estate with the Kane Company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Michael Rosa, age 49, attended both the University of New Hampshire and Boston College and earned his MBA from Harvard University. He is the founder and CEO of Pacer Electronics, a Woburn, Massachusetts based distributor of wire and cable for the electronics industry. He was directly responsible for growing Pacer to over $49 million in revenues before selling the company to Anixter International in 1998.

Jay Gould, age 45, degrees in Business Administration and Environmental Science at New England College. He is a partner at the Gould Insurance Agency in Amesbury, Massachusetts and a co-founder of the Flatbread Company, an Amesbury, Massachusetts based wood-fired pizza restaurant with a second location in Portland, Maine. He is a member of the board of directors of the Provident Bank in Amesbury, Massachusetts. An avid collector, he counts over 200 original Andy Warhol paintings in his collection.

John Taylor, age 46, Director of Construction for Tyco International in Exeter, New Hampshire. He is currently overseeing all construction projects worldwide for Tyco International. Tyco is a $25 billion holding company with diversified interests in telecommunications, electronics, healthcare, fire and security systems.


Brian Buehling, age 30, M.B.A. University of Chicago, M.S. Systems Science and Mathematics, B.S. Systems Engineering, 4-Year Letter Winner Varsity Football, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. Founder and Managing Director of Dakota Systems, a Chicago-based consulting firm. Former project manager at SBC responsible applications used by 28 national call centers and 45,000 total employees. Finalist for Business Intelligence Applications at Comdex/Window World Open 1997 and nominated for 1997 Smithsonian Award for innovation in information technology for work in decision support at John Deere Health.

Glenn Sachar, age 51, B.S. Management Science, MIT, 1970. Software engineer with over 25 years experience in software development, as both a programmer and project manager. Contributed to successful software projects at companies including EMC, Lotus, IBM, Logica and Polaroid.

Frank Cash, age 52, B.S. Mathematics, MIT, 1970. Software consultant with over 25 years in the industry. Founder and president of Advanced Computer Systems, a software consulting company, and an OEM supplier of DEC computer systems.

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