Its Karma Links Page
Give a needy pet a new home. Find a shelter in your area by zip code. petfinder
Give the gift of life. Give blood. Join the 4 million Americans who did so last year. It's easy and fulfilling to know you're helping to save lives. redcross
You've found a mother lode of human interest stories—the Giraffe Project has hundreds of active files on real heroes, people sticking their necks out for the common good. giraffe
Virtually anyone can be an effective mentor. Take a brief mentor test and receive feedback about your mentor quotient. mentor
The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide providing a starting point for consumers searching the net for recycling information. The information is for regular folks with regular household quantities of materials to recycle. recycle

Plant a tree daily. Help reforest degraded areas of the brazilian rainforest. Click here to plant a tree. It's free.

plant a tree
Become familiar with environmental issues and potential environmental and human health risks caused by pollution. Learn how you, your family, and your community can protect the environment.
Environmental Protection Agency
THE GENEROSITY GAME: start a wave of good deeds around the world with these fun little cards: join us! generosity
Find a volunteer opportunity that's right for you.
Enter your ZIP Code to search the volunteer database

Let the nation's leaders know that you care about children's literacy. Contact Members of Congress and tell them you care about RIF and its mission to put books in the hands of every child in America.

Reading is Fundamental

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